Projeto Wayfinding FESTIVAL F

Project Description

Presenting a wayfiding Project evolving a set of architectural, religious, cultural and natural heritage of “VILA ADENTRO”, privileging navigation, developing awareness of positioning in the decision of the path and recognition of the destination.

Opting for the implementation of an adequate and creative solution, having as its main objective the direction and different types of information, concretizing the definition of a global and coherent image.

Route selection and decision making along a path that takes the user to desired destination, making it unforgettable.

Orientation of access paths to different areas (informative hierarchy).

Recognition of the spatial structure to which they refer.

Informative identification, promoting the degree of approximation to the place to be identified, based on the general mal (spatial hierarchy).

Condition so that the path is clear and structural and structured and thus the user will always know where he is.